About Us

About Us

New Wine is a network of churches working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, National Gatherings, training events and resources. 

In 2010 a new vision statement and set of core values were developed, as well as a new strapline to accompany the logo, which communicate the heart of New Wine, and serve as an invitation to be part of the great movement of God to change the nations.

Our Vision

To see the nation changed through Christians experiencing the joy of worshipping God, the freedom of following Jesus, and the power of being filled with the Spirit.

To see churches renewed, strengthened and planted, living out the word of God in every aspect of life, serving God by reaching the lost, broken and poor, and demonstrating the good news of the Kingdom of God to all.

Our Values

Click here to download a PDF of our Vision and Values.

New Wine Ambassador, John Coles, explains the function of our Values in this short video.


We seek fulfilment of our vision through:

1. Working with church leaders

  • Inspiring leaders with an experience of the renewing work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Gathering leaders into local network groups for mutual personal support.
  • Holding training events and retreats geared to different levels of experience.
  • Helping to recruit, train and deploy leaders with New Wine values.
  • Promoting faith-sharing visits between churches.
  • Encouraging new expressions of church to reach previously un-reached people.

2. National Gatherings

  • Hosting National Gatherings for church leaders and members alike, with facilities beyond the scope of individual churches.
  • Facilitating worship, teaching, and ministry which equip Christians for Spirit-filled life and ministry in their family, local church, community and workplace.
  • Modelling and teaching ministry to adults, youth and children which can be implemented in the local church.
  • Providing seminars on a wide range of issues including ministry among the poor, social justice, ethics and the environment, as well as familiar themes of personal discipleship, family and church life.
  • Providing a range of social forums, cafés and entertainments to create community.
  • Providing an enjoyable and varied event with others of all ages.

3. Training events

  • Training days in local churches supporting ministries such as Healing, Prophecy, Kids’ Work, Youth Work, Prayer, Worship and Parenting. 
  • Forums linking people involved in specialist ministries such as Rural and Village and Inner-city and Urban Priority Area churches.
  • Opportunities for different groups of people to encounter God in ways appropriate to them. 

4. Resources

  • New Wine Magazine - to stay connected to all New Wine is doing.
  • Audio and visual recordings of talks given at New Wine events.
  • Worship albums, including children’s worship and acoustic CDs.
  • Teaching DVDs for individual and group study.
  • Website giving up-to-date information and a range of downloadable resources.
  • Ministry-related books written by leaders involved with New Wine.
  • Speakers who are experienced practitioners in ministry and church leadership.

New Wine is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.