Café Sponsorship

Why Sponsor a café at United?

Sponsoring a café at United is a unique opportunity to showcase your charity or organisation. If you would like to get your brand recognised and remembered by the 23,000 delegates who attend United, having a café could be the answer.

Cafés are an essential part of our summer event. Through them, we offer all delegates the chance to relax, find some shade (or dry off from the rain!), meet with people or enjoy some much needed downtime. They will be sitting in your space and absorbing your brand significantly more than if they just saw a print advert or leaflet so it’s essential that your café enhances your charity’s persona and tells the delegates what you do in a visually engaging way.

The main aim of the café is to serve the delegates with refreshments and deliver a good café service. However, having a Sponsor deliver this means the team can represent your good customer service, ethos and branding while also aligning yourself with the New Wine brand and the values it represents.

All the cafés feature in the event programme and have a half page of copy, which is submitted by your charity. The value of this space in the programme would normally be a minimum of £1,000.

Banners, T-shirts, tablecloths, leaflets and so on are provided by yourselves and the costs should be considered before undertaking the sponsorship. Please contact us for a rough idea of how many of everything you will need and the sizes.

You are permitted to let people sign up to your charity newsletters or to support you. However, this should not be the main aim of taking on a café and overzealous appeals for sponsorship will not be appreciated by New Wine or the delegates.

How we help you:

New Wine provides:

• Food, drink and training for the café team

• All café items such as workstation and cups

• A set number of free places for your staff team, including three free meals per day, camping pitches and access to all our seminars, main bible sessions and celebrations.

All the café income goes towards the event running costs New Wine incurs. 5% of takings to a maximum of £500 is given back to the Sponsor per week, so a total of £1,000 can effectively be retracted from the sponsorship fee if you consider this.

How does this work for a sponsor?

The Sponsor pays a sponsorship fee for the branding opportunity, renting the space from New Wine.

The sponsorship is for two weeks and can vary in price depending on the space and how much you feel you can contribute to sponsor this space, which is open for discussion.

What's the process to apply?

  1. Register your interest
  2. If New Wine would like to progress to the next stage, we will arrange a telephone call or in person meeting about what you would like and how it could work. We have a limited number of cafés, so not everyone that applies will get a place.
  3. Following discussions, New Wine will confirm your sponsorship in a contract for you to confirm
  4. New Wine will send an invoice for which the balance needs to be paid before the event starts
  5. You start to recruit your team
  6. You attend a café meeting in the Ealing offices before site with the Café Managers
  7. You set up your café on site and have fun engaging with delegates!

How do I plan this?

Once you have been accepted, before site:

  1. Appoint your team leaders, one per week.
  2. Recruit your café team
  3. Plan the look and feel of your café
  4. Order your banners, tablecloths, T-shirts etc.
  5. Create a rota for your café team
  6. Attend the café meeting in Ealing with your team leaders before site


  1. Set up your café branding
  2. Meet with your team and brief them on what you do, if they are not all your staff members
  3. Run through your staff rotas and distribute T-shirts
  4. Get till training
  5. Run your café!

T-shirt Sponsorship

Team T-shirts are worn by over 5,000 volunteers on site who get at least two T-shirts each, so there are roughly 10,000 T-shirts ordered with your brand on. Team volunteers then take these home at the end of the event.

The T-shirts are seen around site and you have a space on the back of the T-shirts to brand them. This gives huge brand awareness across the site morning and evening and further enhances your presence at the event.

Experiential Sponsorship

We love to give our delegates good experiences, where they find out more about a topic, or explore something new. This can be done around site by offering Virtual Reality experiences or even something static such as seating or benches could be a possibility.

Production and installation as well as providing team to manage the experience would be provided by yourselves. We would provide a rental space over both weeks. We do prefer to give both weeks the same experience so please bear this in mind when submitting an idea.

Applications for registering your interest in Sponsorship have now closed. Applications for 2018 will open after United 2018.