Divine Image and Likeness: A Teaching Day with Dr


St Cuthberts Fulwood, Lytham Road, Preston PR2 3AR


Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis is an internationally recognised biblical scholar. Teaching is delivered in a conversational, practically-focused format.

What does it mean that God decides to make humanity “in our image and according to our likeness” (Gen 1:26, 28)? This event explores the biblical vision of God’s original purposes for humanity, drawing on some remarkable recent discoveries about the profound meaning of the Hebrew words of Genesis 1 and other Old Testament Texts.

The day will be a rich mixture of historical and literary scholarship, combined with practical reflections on the significance of one of the most challenging passages in our Scriptures.

Lunch will be available for those who would like it and there will be refreshments throughout the day.


The event costs £15 with additional lunch cost. See details and book HERE.





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