Leading Women: Round Table Event




An opportunity for women from any denomination who are leading churches, and leaders in training, to learn with a group of women experienced at leading in a variety of contexts. The day will be a mix of Plenary Sessions, Q&A, and Round Table discussions on a range of subjects.


Programme for the day (subject to change in light of the new format)

10.30               Welcome 

11.00               Session 1: Emma Ineson

12.00               Session 2: Round Tables A

13.00               Lunch

13.45               Session 3: Round Tables B

15.00               Session 4: Kate Wharton

16.00               Close


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Table discussions


Nicola Bass - Coaching, mentoring and spiritual direction 

Every person is made by God uniquely in His image.  Coaching, Mentoring and Spiritual Direction all have the power to change your life and those with whom you come into contact. When developing leaders, these skills are invaluable for empowering others to grow and live the extraordinary lives for which they have been made!

Nikki Groarke - Difficult conversations, conflict and crises

Conflict and crises can make or break us as leaders, depending on how we face them. If we avoid difficult conversations, easily get defensive and panic when things go wrong, our leadership can be derailed, our well being destroyed and our hope depleted. We’ll discuss skills and strategies for having a ‘good fight’, coping when things go pear-shaped, and embracing the opportunities these challenges can bring.

Emma Ineson - Godly ambition

What do you think of when you think of ambition? - Status? Ruthlessness? Climbing the ladder? In this session we’ll talk about what might constitute a healthy, Godly ambition, and how that sits alongside notions of vocation.  And we’ll ‘open the box’ on the issue of preparing for, and stepping into, positions of wider responsibility. 

Jo McKee - Juggling family, ministry and callings 

Church leadership calls us to do a lot of juggling, and we can spend our time darting from one thing to another. Together we’ll be thinking and sharing how we hold, balance, and juggle being a child of God, loving and caring for those closest to us, while leading in our context(s), sometimes alongside someone with a different calling. 

Linda Maslen - Church planting

Drawing on her experience of planting Saturday Gathering, a fresh expression of church, and beginning the planting of a resource church in Bradford, Linda will lead us in a discussion on initiating, planning, planting, dealing with set backs, building teams and handing over, all in the context of church planting. 

Sarah Patten - Self care, resilience and sustaining ministry

We lead out of who we are, but with the never ending demands of ministry, sometimes who we are is tired, stressed and hurried. How can we do life and ministry so that we flourish, instead of feeling drained? We will look at tools that equip us for long lasting ministry, which can benefit both ourselves and those we serve.

Thea Smith and Eve Ridgeway - Engaging with Millennials and Gen Z

Thea and Eve will share their reflections on leading as Millennials and what it means to disciple the emerging generations. A mixture of experience and research, with plenty of space for discussion and questions.

Emma Sykes - Appropriate confidence

Studies in this area still show that men tend to overestimate their abilities and performance whilst women underestimate in both areas. This discussion will briefly introduce a biblical understanding of confidence rooted in Christ and together we will explore factors that undermine our confidence and strategies to help us be appropriately confident.

Kate Wharton - Leading a church into renewal

Lots of us find ourselves called to lead churches which are not yet walking in the gifts of the Spirit in the way that we might long for them to do. How might we help them move towards renewal? No easy answers, but lots of practical advice and ideas!

Lizzy Woolf - Leading a larger church

Large churches are different from smaller churches, and have a particular role to play. We will explore the joys and challenges of this ministry, focusing on the role of the leader and the key skills required.



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