Event Information

UBO & your church

We’re inviting churches to join together with us for UBO this summer. We want to support you to run local UBO gatherings to suit your church communities. Look out for further details on how to register your church to get support from the New Wine team on how to make this happen, and for info on the programme and timings and on what our Kids’ and Luminosity (youth) teams can offer.


Our 500+ Community Makers were a huge and vital part of UBO last summer. We loved hearing your stories and seeing photos of the wonderful and creative ways you enabled fellowship and community.

We want to build on this at UBO this summer, enabling church families to experience and encounter Jesus together, and to make the most of gathering in your community this summer. We’ll need at least one named Uniter from each church to run UBO Local events and to keep in touch directly with the New Wine team for access to the After Hours programme. More info coming soon.

UBO & New Wine Online

New Wine Online is part of our vision to resource and empower the New Wine community all year round. It’s our digital hub that launched in March and has a growing community of over 800 members. All UBO content will be included with annual membership, plus over 90 additional seminars, interviews and live conversations.

If you’re not yet a member, no need to wait ’til July. You can start your membership now and access new teaching, live conversations, small group resources, plus a library of past New Wine talks! Find out more and become a member – for less than 20p a day.


Faith & Obedience

All the main celebrations, kids’ and youth sessions will be available completely free of charge. This wasn’t our original plan – we’ve been preparing to open bookings for a paid online event to cover ongoing costs and the loss of income from cancelled physical gatherings.

But we believe God has asked us to take a step of faith and obedience. We believe he has a plan to resource, empower and equip you and your church this summer, for the sake of the nation. So, responding to a strong prophetic sense, we are following his call to give UBO away for free, in faith.

Give so we can sow

God is calling us to be generous and, despite financial planning based on ticket fees, we are giving away the main UBO programme free of charge. But there are expenditure costs of more than £300K for the digital event, and an organisation to keep running into 2022. We trust this is God’s plan for New Wine, so are also trusting He will release provision to enable it. Perhaps you are part of that provision. If so, please do get in touch.

You may also make one-off or regular donations at new-wine.org/give.

Thank you for standing with us.