New to United

Never been to United? Here’s a little of what to expect. 




There’s loads going on throughout the day around the site (there’s no ‘rest day’ this year). You can get involved in as much or as little as you like.


or free to get the latest information on the programme, fun stuff happening across the site, the map, speaker info and more.


0-4s Families

Tea, coffee & encounter with God through story, worship, creative prayer, play and craft.


Early Morning Bible Teaching

United Kids Groups & Luminosity

Groups for 0-4s, 5-7s, 8-11s & Youth

Morning Celebrations

worship & Bible teaching series


open for worship & soaking in the Spirit

Morning Seminars

learn from experts and practitioners in a range of topics

Kids Creative Space

open for families for creative activities, workshops, virtual reality, a café, inflatables, team games & more

Luminosity Workshops (Youth)

On a range of topics for 11-18s

Afternoon Seminars

learn from experts and practitioners in a range of topics


learn from experts and practitioners in a range of topics & ministry

Kids Creative

creative activities, workshops, virtual reality, a café, inflatables, team games & more

Kids Groups & Luminosity Celebrations

Groups for 5-7s, 8-11s & Youth

Evening Celebrations

worship & guest speakers


venue for worship & soaking in the Spirit

Kids Creative Space

open for kids for themed nights, discos, quizzes & talent shows


entertainment including live music, comedy, quizzes and more

Luminosity After Hours

Fun for 11-18s


The Arena is our largest venue, seating up to 5,000 people. Join our Morning and Evening Celebrations as we gather as a family to pursue God in worship. You’ll be inspired and challenged by the word of God and hear encouraging teaching and stories. We’ll wait on him and allow time and space for ministry in the power of the Spirit. We will also host seminars throughout the day.

The Annexe offers a place if larger crowds concern or overwhelm you. Our daily Celebrations include simple in-person worship and prayer ministry, with the talks being streamed from the Arena. Sponsored by IJM, and alongside their cafe, the Annexe is also home to Rise Early Morning Bible Teaching, some seminars and after hours evenings.

Encounter is set aside for encounter with God through continuous, creative worship and prayer. We’ll be pursuing God’s presence, intimacy with him, and the gifts of his Spirit. We want to return home refreshed and equipped, alert to his voice in everyday life, and ready to partner with him in the revival of our local churches and nation.

There will also be a number of seminar venues around the site. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from experts and practitioners in a range of topics.

Resource Hub is the place to go to discern and be resourced for all that God has for you in the coming year and beyond. Meet with charities, attend a ‘Sofa Session’ interview or book signing, grab a coffee from the CAP café, listen to some live acts and spend some time hearing from the Lord about what he has next for you.

Spend time with your friends and family in our Experience Zone each afternoon. Scale a wall, climb aboard a plane, see if you can beat The Cube, walk into the story of an inspirational change-maker or learn more about Hovercraft mission.

The Leadership Network Venue is for church leaders, leaders in training or those considering church leadership. Come and get to know and pray for each other.

The Pastoral Prayer Venue is a safe place to talk and pray, our Pastoral Prayer team are mature Christians experienced in listening, praying and ministering the love of Christ into people’s lives.

There are United Kids venues for 0-4s, 5-7s and 8-11s as well as Our Place for under 18s with additional needs, 0-4s Families and Kids Creative.

Luminosity is for 11-18s and has different venues all in the same area for Celebrations, Workshops, cafes, After Hours and simply chilling out. 

Art Workshops is a space for adults to create, learn and worship through art. There are a range of workshops throughout the week from Bible journaling to print making. We also offer an art drop in space for those who want to do their own thing.

Just Looking is a small and informal venue where you can explore a broad range of Christian responses to questions of faith. Each afternoon we address a specific issue suggested by the group the previous day. All are welcome.

If you’re on Team, thank you so much, United 22 would not have been possible without you! Head to the Teams Lounge for a free hot drink to recharge your batteries. Sit and chill, catch up with friends and make some new ones.