Director of Mission among Primary School Children | St John's Church

To develop new mission and ministry among primary age pupils. Within this there are three key mission objectives and responsibilities:

1) Schools - the Director will further develop links and serve the needs of the local schools and will build relationships with the children and the staff.

2) Community Outreach - to reach children and families within and beyond St John's parish.

3) Church - to lead, oversee, develop and direct the discipling of children in the church.

Details of the ways in which we envisage the above being achieved are available on our website

Applications by email to by 11.59pm on 11 May 2014

Your application should comprise:

1. A mandatory covering note of not more than one and a half pages, naming the role title for which you are applying, outlining your motivation and relevant experience for the role;

2. A full CV, including educational and professional responsibilities, a full employment history showing the more significant positions, responsibilities held and relevant achievements;

3. Two character references and their contact details (those who have known you for more than two years and are not family members); and

4. Daytime, evening and/or mobile telephone numbers (to be used with discretion).


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