Urban Church Planter | Trinity

Are you interested in inner city mission, in urban church planting?

Scholarships available!

Trilogy is our in-house training programme designed to help raise up young leaders in mission and church planting, through active hands on experience, apprenticeship and mentoring within the Trinity community. We’ll progress you from assisting mission projects, to starting your own, before helping you move toward church planting and leadership - with everything that involves! We’ll give you the skills to lead and grow a missional church community, to deal with the emotional pressures involved and to equip others to assist you, within a safe but challenging training community committed to seeing mission energised and churches planted. For more information go to www.trilogy.uk.net.

Please submit your CV for consideration to info@trilogy.uk.net. Or if you have further questions please call Anna Chamberlain on 020 7734 7380


Trinity is a network of leaders in mission who are seeking to plant/replant local congregations in inner-city boroughs of London, and in a selection of cities with hard-to-reach populations across the globe. Our 40 leaders and trainees are Evangelical and charismatic; many have been highly influenced by Ichthus Christian Fellowship.