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There are some really exciting things starting to happen at St Mary Magdalene church. Over the next five years we are seeking to grow to become a resourcing church - we want to be a community that gives life to other churches and blesses our town of Newark-on-Trent in all kinds of ways.

If this is going to happen we need solid infrastructure to underpin our growth. We want someone to lead on these changes, right from the start. To this end we are recruiting an operations manager to join in our team. We are looking for someone who is excellent at:

- managing others in such a way as to draw out their strengths, and,
- creating and overseeing the systems that underpin an organisation's functioning.

If this could be you, visit stmnewark.org/jobs for more info and details on how to apply.

Visit stmnewark.org/jobs

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St Mary Magdalene church
We are an Anglican church serving the town of Newark-on-Trent, between Nottingham and Lincoln, on the A1. We are more than 900 years old. The current chapter in our church's life involves growing significantly, particularly amongst younger generations, in order to give ourselves away.