Exciting mission opportunity in the north for New Wine Discipleship Year Interns | St John Great Marsden with St Philip Nelson

St John’s Church Centre Is home to a small but growing congregation which is very diverse. St Philp’s Centre has recently returned to our oversight and is a centre for social outreach. We have exciting opportunities for one or two interns to spend a year serving God in church life and ministry, serving mainly in the youth & children’s ministry, but there will be opportunities also to serve in worship ministry or outreach to people on the margins.
We have a lively youth and children’s ministry, two church schools and are situated in a highly deprived area where there are huge needs.
This placement is part of the New Wine Discipleship Year, where you will be involved in all aspects of church life and work. A day each week is committed to your training and teaching, where you'll receive input from a host of experienced church leaders and teachers as part of the Manchester Hub. You will attend 2 New Wine Discipleship Year Weekends Away and take part in an international mission trip. You will also attend the United 19 Summer Conference where you will have the opportunity to serve on one of the many ministry teams there.
The rest of your time will be equally split between serving the church practically, and serving in your assigned ministry area.
Whilst the place for the year is unpaid, as a DY student you will receive free accommodation and a weekly allowance.

To ask any further questions about this role, or for more information, please contact revlorelli@gmail.com.


St John Great Marsden with St Philip Nelson
We are a family-friendly, evangelical and gently charismatic Anglican church with a richly diverse fellowship of around 100 people, based in Nelson, Lancashire. The town is diverse, comprising urban and semi-rural housing and urban priority council estates. Amongst the significant south Asian population here is a sizeable minority of south Asian Christians, with many families attending or attached to our church. The majority of our parish is significantly deprived. We sense an openness to the love of God here and are excited about the future. We share the problems and heartache and disappointments you will find in inner city life whilst being situated amongst beautiful countryside. Nelson is one of the cheapest places to live in the country. Is God calling you to come and share our passion to share His love in this town?
Nelson, Lancashire