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Our interns will be part of the new Apprentice Track which is open to all seeking to discover how our lives are meant to be lived with Jesus, like Jesus, for Jesus, journeying as a group of disciples into exploring and embodying the core practices that Jesus models in his own life. As an intern on the apprentice track you will be part of a larger cohort meeting monthly for teaching, worship and prayer ministry, every apprentice will be part of a formation group of 7-10 people meeting weekly with an experienced host leader and group pastors. The weekly meeting will take place around an evening meal and will include the opportunity to cluster with ‘few’ (3-4) to foster closer bonds in prayer and mutual accountability.

The goal of the Apprentice Track is not to learn new leadership theories or skills, but to learn what it means to live each day in the presence of God, developing spiritual practices, patterns of prayer, and habits of life, rooted in the word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This is the very best foundation for life and leadership, in whatever sphere someone is called to serve.

Interns on the Apprentice Track will belong to a local church where they will serve as an intern within the mission and ministry of that church, with particular areas of supervised responsibility.

Someone interested in exploring being an Intern on the Apprentice Track should fill in the initial application expressing an interest in the church where they would like to serve. There will be an initial telephone interview with a member of the YLC Apprentice Team. The application will then be forwarded to the church leader and a formal interview will be arranged. To download the application please go here:

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Younger Leadership College
The Younger Leadership College was established in September 2016 forming a key part of the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham commitment to: “Commission 1000 younger leaders 15-30 inspired and equipped to serve God’s purposes in the world, growing churches, shaping culture and transforming society.” The Younger Leadership College enables a range of programmes, courses and gatherings for different age groups: older youth (15-18), student age (18-22) and young adults (23-30). This includes a dynamic range of programmes in our 8 Church of England Secondary Schools and with church based youth ministries.