Pioneer Leader | Diocese of Truro

This is an exciting opportunity for a leader with a heart for pioneer ministry, a passion for making disciples and growing Christ’s church with the ability to share our vision and draw people to it.
St Austell parish has a clear purpose: we are wholehearted – in worship, in friendship, in mission and most importantly in love for our town. Transforming Mission (TM) is a model for the renewal of Anglican Church life across the Diocese of Truro.
We are looking for someone who is an anointed leader with significant experience of team leading and someone who is willing and skilled in empowering and including other Christian believers in the pioneer work, whilst being a proactive team player within the leadership group, contributing and fully prepared to build on areas where growth is already identified.
You will play a key role in recruiting, building and leading a team of ministers who will serve together to realise the vision for mission.
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Interviews: week of 25th November


Diocese of Truro
Holy Trinity church St Austell, has received funding from Transforming Mission for this role. For more information:
St Austell