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NWDY Internships available 2019/20

The Exeter Hub is based at Exeter Network Church (ENC) in the centre of Exeter.  We are a Bishop's Mission order in the centre of Exeter and everything we do expresses our core values of high powered worship, wide community, deep discipleship and outreach. We are creative exploring new ways of expressing god’s love for our city. Do check out our website to get a flavour of our church and we welcome you to visit too.

Teaching (8hrs/wk)

All the interns gather for a day of teaching each Monday. You will experience worship and Bible based discussion alongside our experienced staff team and you will receive teaching and coaching from leaders who have expertise in coaching and encouraging young people to become the best disciples they can.  We believe disciples make disciples, so you will learn from more experienced people and be given immediate opportunities to encourage and support others.  We have a lot of experience of training and apprenticing young people in leadership and so we will encourage many of you to develop your own leadership style and apprentice others through the year.

Ministry Opportunities 

ENC offers ministry serving and leadership training opportunities in Worship Leading, Children's work, ministry to pre schoolers and their families, youth and students work.  We may also offer serving and development and training in and administration and communication and media. We may also be able to offer a 'wild church’ placement involving participation in an outdoor woodland expression of church with a Dartmoor Church.  We are always open to ideas and new creative opportunities so if you have a particular area of interest that we haven't listed, please call the church office 01392 434311 and you can talk your ideas through with our Discipleship Year co ordinator.

Interns participate on Sundays and serve/train at other times for a day or so a week so that there is still time for you to get paid employment for 3 or 4 days a week to earn money to live on.


Course fees of £1000, payable at the beginning of the course. 


Interns find and pay for their own accommodation and work part time in order to pay for this.  ENC is able to make some bursuries available of up to & £500 and so please do not let cost concerns hold you back.


To apply please fill in the online NWDY application form and put Exeter as your first-choice centre.  For more information contact Sam Randall at  


New Wine Discipleship Year
Exeter Network Church
22 Southernhay West