12 NWDY Internships available 2019/20

Accommodation & £30 weekly expenses allowance paid

The New Wine Training Centre in Leicester operates from Holy Trinity Leicester, which is a large city centre church in the New Wine network that coordinates regional New Wine events. Internships are available at Holy Trinity Church and other local churches. Leicester and its surroundings provide rich opportunities to experience everything from multi-cultural city engagement to rural life, from outreach to university students to outreach to the homeless.

Teaching (8hrs/wk)

Follows the basic Discipleship Year curriculum and includes live speakers and New Wine teaching. Teaching happens every Tuesday and includes worship, bible study and huddles/accountability groups. Students are also asked to write a book review that compliments the topics they are covering in teaching. Interns are given mentors to meet with on a one-to-one basis.

Internships (32hrs/wk)

Internships are offered at several churches in Leicester and surrounding towns. They involve offering general service to the church, becoming part of the prayer for healing team and then specific ministry opportunities in the following areas of church life: youth work, student ministry, kids work, ministry to the poor, worship, media and administration.


NWDY training fees are paid for by the Leicester Diocese. 


Interns are provided with accommodation in houses shared with other interns or in family.

Allowance £30 per week- this provides for the basics of living but generally, interns find they do need to seek additional support


To apply please fill in the online NWDY application form and put Leicester as your first-choice centre.  For more information contact Mandy Forrest at mforrest@holytrinityleicester.org


New Wine Discipleship Year
Holy Trinity Leicester
Upper King Street