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Southampton & Portsmouth

The New Wine Training Centre in Southampton operates from Highfield Church, a large Evangelical Charismatic Anglican Church right next to the University of Southampton. We are passionate about Growing in GRACE: Grace-filled Community, Reverent Worship, Authentic Discipleship, Christ-like Service, Empowered Witness.

Teaching (8hrs/wk)

All teaching is delivered on a Tuesday.

Ministry Opportunities (12hrs/wk)

Ministry Opportunities are offered at a number of churches in the area, including Highfield Church, in the following ministries: adult discipleship, children work, schools work, youth work, student work, older people’s ministry and worship.


Course fees of £1000, payable at the beginning of the course.


DY Students find their own accommodation locally. Students are encouraged to take part time employment to cover living expenses.


New Wine Discipleship Year
Highfield Church Centre
Highfield Lane
SO17 1RL