Healthcare Network

Healthcare Network


We want to encourage and support healthcare workers, recognising their role as local missionaries in their workplaces. We want to see individuals strengthened, renewed and enabled to reach out to the poor and needy in local and overseas mission.


With oversight from Louise Anderson, we are working to develop sustainable partnerships with Christian and secular organisations to facilitate involvement in local and overseas mission. We’re encouraging local churches to pray for and support healthcare workers and to form partnerships with local charities and support groups to get involved in community support work.

Mental Health

Mental heath provision and social care are under tremendous strain and it’s time for the Church to step up. We’re working with HTB Church to promote training of pastoral teams to improve support and communication with people with mental and emotional health concerns.


We host regional gatherings (see Local Events) for networking, prayer and fellowship and offer training and resourcing via networking sessions and seminars at the New Wine Leadership Conferences and United.