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New Wine Worship Hubs


We are setting up a NWW Hub structure to help facilitate local relationships, shared resources and a shared vision. Please do pray and consider if you could join or host a Hub in your locality.

What are NWW HUBS?

Our Hubs bring together up to 10 worship leaders in a locality (or virtual space via google hangout), centred around the NW vision and values. The local worship leaders in these groups meet regularly to worship, pray, learn from and resource each other. We’re also providing central resources to download for free from the NWW website to help serve the Hubs.

We want to empower the New Wine family at a small local level, so that we can see hundreds of active Hubs right across the country not just a handful of big gatherings.

The aim is simple: To be a replicable, flexible and supportive space for worship leaders to take hold of God’s gifts in their lives and see them soar. Each Hub will look slightly different as it tailors to the needs of the worship leaders in the group – there is no set programme. Some may meet weekly, some monthly and some termly, depending on what works for their schedules.

How do I get involved?

The first step is to get in touch with the co-ordinator nearest you! We have put in place NWW Hub co-ordinators in each region to help you find a Hub near you, or to get information on how to host a Hub.

You can access a list of local co-ordinators and contacts here.

What does it mean to host a HUB?

Hosts are people willing to facilitate a Hub of other worship leaders in their local area. In partnership with regional co-ordinators (where needed), hosts will take ownership of inviting people in their area (or virtual space if too rural/far away from others). They will also do any required admin and host the Hub however they see fit for the individuals in their group. The only non-negotiable is building the Hubs around the NW Vision and Values.

We believe that Jesus will be honoured, leaders will be raised up and the local church will be strengthened through NWW Hubs, so please play your part and let’s make a fresh commitment to see local churches changing nations.