We worship to glorify God and call the Kingdom of Heaven down to Earth; it’s the training ground for the every day. We come with expectancy and honesty, not to lose ourselves or simply find pleasure or comfort, but to be sharpened for mission. We gather in order to go out – to be good news to all creation and bring life to those around us.

New Wine Worship (NWW) seeks to serve, encourage and commission the local church by building local worship communities with shared vision (local churches changing nations) and values (the glory, presence and kingdom of God, the mission of the Church and the character of the believer).


Head of NWW Chris Sayburn is building worship hubs in each region. The aim is meet monthly to invest in seven people in each region. These seven will invest in another seven in their locality. The dream is that, in time, this continues to multiply on a local level, raising up leaders through relationship. We aim to see more regional gatherings and, more importantly, to build ongoing relationships.


The regional NWW hub leaders meet annually to worship, pray, share stories and encourage one another. We also gather NWW hubs annually for regional conferences. All worship events will be focussed on building relationships to support the overall vision and serve the local church beyond the event. We will record any future live albums at the regional conferences.

At United we run worship seminars covering the theology of worship, NWW vision and values and key practices in the local church. We also gather leaders to pray, encourage each other and share what God is doing.

We will be limiting the number of ‘guest’ worship leaders at United to give space for our own family to serve, grow and be invested in. This may mean it’s not as ‘polished’, but we’re committed to raising up younger leaders.


As well as regular articles from the NWW family (Go to the archive), we aim to offer resources from other key theologians and worship practitioners. In the future we are aiming to develop an online forum to discuss vision, values and theology, as well as provide space to share songs that are serving the local church from within the NWW family.

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