Network FAQs

How does regional networking work?

We have a network of like-minded leaders across England who have a similar vision and operate with similar values. Just as we run another of events nationally, these are replicated in the regional/local context to provide worship, ministry, teaching and support to those in church leadership.


How do I find out about other leaders who are located close to me?

We have a number of Network Group Leaders around the country would are a great resource for helping you connect with others locally. Otherwise, we have a members only map which will help you pinpoint other leaders, connected with New Wine, in your locality.


What is the difference between a Local Network Group and a Core Group?

We have appointed a number of Local Network Group Leaders who actively run a network group, in line with the New Wine vision and values but in the context of the local setting. Typically a network group will meet termly. Each Network Group is encouraged to have accountability support for church leaders and this is often through our core groups, small groups of 6-8 leaders who meet monthly for accountable support and ministry.


How much does it cost to join the Leadership Network?

Our desire is that no one should miss out on being part of this network for financial reasons – so for this reason our network is free. However, if you would like your church to financially support the work of New Wine as a missional opportunity, do contact us.


What happens if I live outside of England?

We attempt to provide a network of relational networking within England. Leaders are welcome to join from outside of England and we will happily connect with updates from our leaders and to our resources. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that we can connect you to local networks of leaders.


Can others from my church join the network?

We want to work with leaders and have three distinct categories – those in Senior church leadership, those training for senior church leadership and those employed or working in the local church.