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Events in this network/region

There are no upcoming events.

New Wine International's work extends far beyond the borders of England.

We only work in other countries when invited to do so by leaders in that country, and our first focus is to serve, train and encourage church leaders. Under the Lord's guidance we want to freely give away what he has freely given to us. The international networks are coordinated by a key church leader, or group of leaders, through the following activities:

  • Weekend conferences – sometimes for one church only, but more usually for a group of churches in a region, city or town.
  • Leaders' retreats: for church leaders - typically, these are five days in length for first-time attendees, and up to three days for leaders who have already attended a New Wine leaders’ retreat.
  • Leaders Intensive - three days' teaching, exploring Kingdom ministry as imparted by Jesus to a group of invited church leaders.
  • Teaching and equipping days – these can be on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Networking – encouraging the networking of leaders to provide relational support.
  • National or regional leaders’ conferences – these usually run for three days at a conference centre or large church.
  • Summer events – assisting local countries to develop Summer events for families and people of all ages, as and where such events are practically feasible.
  • Stimulating faith-sharing visits – both within and between countries. We encourage church leaders to invite one another to bring faith sharing teams to their churches, whether for celebration services, leaders’ networking days, church weekends etc. We do this because we have found that if churches commit themselves to 'giving away' what the Lord gives to them, they experience yet further blessing from him.

New Wine International is overseen by our Head of Ministry, Mark Aldridge.

For any other enquiries please contact Mark by email.