Paul Gask

Paul (known as Gasky) has been married to Sue for 32 years and they have two daughters and three granddaughters

Gasky "retired" as a police officer from the Leicestershire Police in October 2011 after 30 years of service. The bulk of his service was spent in the specialist crime arena (CID) and he also spent 10 years working with individuals who commit serious violent and sexual offences against women and children. Gasky's "retirement" lasted for 6 days before returning to the police in a civilian capacity! Gasky has recently "retired"…..again …….. to fully concentrate on telling blokes about the good news of Jesus. From believing in nobody but himself Gasky became a Christian in 1996 after the Lord burst into his life in his own "Damascus incident". He knew from that moment that Jesus was alive although he knew absolutely nothing about Him!

Gasky therefore embarked on a quest to get to know him which culminated in him completing a three year theological course resulting that he is now licensed by the Church of England as an Evangelist.

Having spent the bulk of his working life seeing an untold number of men destroying themselves with violence, aggression, pornography and alcohol reliance to name but four he really felt straight away that God was calling him to reach normal everyday blokes just like him for Him.

Gasky now leads a men's ministry in his home church of St. Andrew's, Countesthorpe, (in the South of Leicester) calling themselves M.A.F.I.A (This stands for "Men and Faith in Action").

Gasky is very privileged to have been appointed as CVM'S Regional Director for Northern England. Almost 34 years with the cops has taught him "one or two" things about blokes! His remit is to contact all churches and groups from across all denominations in order to encourage specific men's ministries. With this in mind he has been privileged to speak to groups at various churches and men's events throughout the North of the UK, including the "Sunday Night Live" events in Leicester and also to the Leicester Mother's Union!!

For his sins, when he can, Paul follows the "fortunes" of Leicester City Football Club…….enough said!!