Justyn Rees Larcombe

Justyn is the son of the writer and speaker Jennifer Rees Larcombe and grandson of the evangelist Tom Rees. After a highly successful career in the British Army Justyn Rees Larcombe had an equally glittering and well-rewarded career in the City. He had everything. Stunningly successful in the world of insurance, he was being fast tracked for further promotion in a global company. He had wealth, a big house, a Porsche, a Mercedes. He had a beautiful wife and three sons. He lost it all through an addiction to online gambling, blowing three quarters of a million pounds in three years. Realising he could fall no further, he turned back to Christ and, in the space of two years, found incredible restoration.

In his first title, Tails I Lose, Justyn tells his ‘riches to rags, to reconciliation story’ with compelling, and often shocking honesty. Now Justyn is a public speaker, media commentator, advisor to Government, the medical profession and leading national think tanks on the issues of problem gambling and addiction in general. He has successfully campaigned for changes in the laws relating to gambling. He founded and now heads a Christian Charity promoting The Recovery Course, a Christ based recovery course for all addictions.

Justyn also leads gambling education, awareness and prevention training courses within the armed forces, professional sports clubs, schools, prisons, and financial organisations.

In his second book One Day At A Time, published in June 2016, Justyn shares practical wisdom forthose who may be struggling, or who have loved ones, struggling with secret habits, compulsions and addictions of all types.

In 2014, Justyn completed what is generally accepted as the world’s most arduous endurance swimming challenge by swimming solo across the English Channel, reunited with the Queen’s Sword of Honour he sold at the height of his addiction, he now travels the country sharing his story of hope and restoration with those who have been touched by the effects of destructive addiction.