Sarah-Jane Biggart

Sarah-Jane is Assistant Director of Christian International Scotland/Glasgow Prophetic Centre. Here she oversees the ‘Kingdom Business’ ministry, equipping those in the business mountain. Sarah-Jane is anointed apostolically and prophetically and is ordained with Christian International Europe.

Sarah-Jane is passionate about the church being equipped and empowered to go out from a Sunday gathering place and change nations, from the place each is called to be. Whether core church work, a business or education context, media or government, family or arts and culture place of work; releasing the Kingdom of God in that context to see transformation come.

Sarah-Jane is consulted and trusted by many who hold high positions of influence in business for her unique prophetic perspective. As a result, SJ spends much of her time prophesying in corporate situations and teaching individuals, organisations and businesses how to advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.

Sarah-Jane is also co-Director of Biggart and Co with her husband Alastair: a commercial property consultant. She was Head of Marketing for a PLC (based in London) from the early 1990’s for a decade, where she launched and marketed a new community shopping mall brand and Xscape the leisure/ snow centre brand. She has also done some freelance marketing for Scripture Union Holidays, as well as being Project Director for Mission Scotland before becoming a Board member in 2011 when she became full-time with GPC. SJ is currently Chair of Mission Scotland.

Sarah-Jane and her husband have two teenage children, Thomas and Sophie. In her downtime, Sarah-Jane enjoys going to the movies and theatre. Her favourite way to unwind is a long walk with her family’s increasing pack of dogs (two labs and mini-daschund) in the beautiful Scottish Countryside.