No limits

4 October 2017

No limits

Hannah’s story from the DY Weekend away

Posted in the blog by New Wine

It never gets old, God is so incredible! This past weekend there were around 90 young people all in pursuit of Him; there is something so powerfully beautiful in seeing hearts and souls cry out to their Father in praise, in joy, in hunger. Personally, I am constantly hungry for Him, I always want more, knowing there is far more to Him than I can ever possibly grasp. My past is riddled with walls that I have put up around me, around my heart and around my God. Only recently have I begun to let those walls down and realise that God cannot be boxed in and does not have limitations.

On Friday night, in ministry time, I remember praying for more of Him but in a way that was hitting my fears as well as my excited expectations; I knew that He could show me something of His power and glory and I was terrified. But I asked for it anyway, “Let your glory fall on me, Father. I am beyond terrified but let your glory fall.”

I began to become physically weighed down — by seemingly nothing! At first, my hands couldn’t bear the invisible weight, then I needed to sit on my chair but that wasn’t low enough, I then slid down to the floor (quite awkwardly stuck between two chairs) with the weight of His glory pressing down on me. I kept praying for more! I knew that He was breaking down my walls of limited expectation. It was incredible. My face couldn’t move at any speed faster than slow motion as I continued to say the words over and over, “Let your glory fall.” I thank God for His power, for He is both our loving Father and also the Lord of all authority. Amazing.

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