On the same page

9 February 2018

On the same page

There’s significance in sharing a story. A parent reads a story to their child at bedtime. A grandparent shares experiences from decades…

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There’s significance in sharing a story. A parent reads a story to their child at bedtime. A grandparent shares experiences from decades before. A jet-setter tells of adventures during their time travelling the globe.

There is something about a well-told story that enables experiences to be shared, even if the listener was not present when the narrative was created. A good story leads its listener to feel, empathise and be inspired. Stories shared lead to a group of people united by the same narrative, on the same page.

Many of us know the Jesus story. We’ve read, studied, prayed, in awe of the narrative that plays out when God sent his son to give us freedom. But how does the God story play out today? What does the narrative look like?

At Fusion we’re passionate about student mission. What stories are being shared around universities this year? On Thursday 15 February 2018, students and church leaders will gather in London to celebrate their role in the God story at the Student Mission Awards. Stories of risks and bravery in the everyday will encourage us to keep pursuing the narrative of student mission.

St Swithun’s Bournemouth: Freshers’ Party

In September, as the freshers arrived in Bournemouth with overflowing cars and open hearts, the student team from St Swithun’s were ready to welcome them in, the best way students know how: with a welcome party. With 100 students in attendance, the Freshers’ Party provided a fun night out during Freshers’ Week. For most, this was the first interaction students had with a local church at university, and for many, this was their first experience of a church. By getting involved with Freshers’ Week, putting on events and meeting people where they were, students left with a fun experience of church, ready to try more!

King’s Church Portsmouth: The Overflow

Students have a lot of questions. How can I be confident in my own body? Does Jesus allow drinking? If God is good, why does he allow suffering? During the first term this year, King’s Church in Portsmouth ran a series of events called ‘The Overflow’. Every week, students and leaders would discuss ‘hot topics’, ranging from self-image, to drinking on nights out. By spending some time listening to topics that many believe are relevant, students left feeling equipped to answer their friends’ faith questions, and to represent Jesus in their halls, lectures and nights out.

Hope City Sheffield: Social Media

Digital mission is proving a valuable way to connect students with local churches. Nikki Auterska at Hope City Sheffield saw the value in using social media to connect with students when investing time into creating an online space, viewed by many. Her Instagram posts reflect a story of the church, with their vision at the centre. Viewers of her posts are included in the narrative of Hope City, and in doing so, are invited to be on the same page.

What’s your story? How can you fit into God’s?

Viki Tailor is part of the Student Mission Team at Fusion and is based in Sheffield.

Fusion is passionate about student mission. They equip students, serve churches and develop student workers.

Fusion will be working alongside the team in the Hungry venue at United 18, 28 July — 3 August 2018 and 5–11 August 2018.

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