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This book has been drawn from talks given at New Wine conferences by a variety of speakers.

When Jesus walked on water, he revealed his glory.

In Third Person, John Peters looks at the ministry of the Holy Spirit and explains how we can join in with what He is doing today.

Are you ready for a new, Holy Spirit-filled expedition? Are you ready to dig deep and see God move in exciting ways with your kids? Well grab a spade and get ready for… X-Cavate!

It could be argued that the West is in the process of growing out of Christianity.

Mission-Shaped Grace is an attempt to capture what John believes God has been teaching His people about mission in our modern-day culture.

Children across the nation are dancing and praising along to New Wine England’s latest album release, ‘Carry the Light’.

Last year we brought you the best of New Wine Kids teaching for pre-schoolers (0-4), and this year you can get more brilliant teaching for those aged 5-7!