Children across the nation are dancing and praising along to New Wine England’s latest album release, ‘Carry the Light’.

Last year we brought you the best of New Wine Kids teaching for pre-schoolers (0-4), and this year you can get more brilliant teaching for those aged 5-7!

Jesus promised that we would grow into fullness of life by His Spirit. Like many things in life, that growth is not linear, but happens in seasons and cycles.

Recorded onsite at this year’s National Gatherings and available for pre-order, Simple Pursuit will capture the raw heart of worship at New Wine.

“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandise the damage by filling the cracks with gold.

X-Cavate! Is a brand new curriculum for New Wine Kids, covering all our rock-themed groups. This curriculum resource is especially for Gems (0-2s) and Pebbles (3-4s).

The new studio album for 2012 from a host of the top New Wine songwriters and worship leaders.

The Pastoral Prayer Ministry booklet provides the outline for a teaching day which presents the nuts and bolts for setting up a pastoral prayer ministry in a local church.