Useful Downloads

Local Church Resources 

Use the Powerpoint or flyers below to promote your particular event at your church.

Download the Local Church Marketing Guide


United Resources

United 18: Keynote/PowerPoint slide (Widescreen, 16:9)
Slide one: The Robinsons come for the fine cuisine 
Slide two: Lauren comes for the weather 
Slide three: Chris comes to build his own home 
Slide four: Beth comes to sing
Slide five: Sam and Oliva come to race 
Slide six: Gladys and Audrey come for the tunes
Slide seven: Charlie comes for the ride
Slide eight: Matt comes for the showers 
Slide nine: Rachel comes for the cozy beds

Leadership Conference Resources

Leadership Conference 2018: Keynote/PowerPoint slide (Widescreen, 16:9)

Small Event Ministry Resources

Accessible Church 2018: Keynote/PowerPoint slide (Widescreen, 16:9)
Accessible Church Children's Poster: Helping explain the ways God talks to us.
Where Adventure Begins: Keynote/PowerPoint slide (Widescreen, 16:9)
Where Adventure Begins: Brochure - with editable fields for venue specific information.
Walking on Water: Keynote/PowerPoint slide (Widescreen, 16:9) - with editable fields for venue specific information.
Walking on Water: Brochure - with editable fields for venue specific information.
Wholeness: For families following a suicide attempt – PDF Document
Wholeness: Helpful prayer model including mental health – Word Document

Worship Ministry Resources

Simple Pursuit: Keynote/PowerPoint slide (Widescreen, 16:9)
New Wine current worship albums: Keynote/PowerPoint slide (Widescreen, 16:9)

UNITED 2018 Useful Downloads

Under 14's registration form

Gems Passport

Gems Parents Survivors Guide

Pebbles Guide

PDF icon Viillage Fire Risk Assessment

Ministry Team Guidelines: PDF Document