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Learning to Heal DVD

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When Jesus brought the Kingdom of God, he combined his preaching with demonstrations of power, healing the sick and casting out demons. From the beginning, he involved his disciples in sharing the same ministry-and the commission hasn’t changed! To be a disciple of Jesus is to become more like him in every way. For too long that simple truth has been neglected and sharing of the gospel reduced to the passing of words alone. This training day is aimed at equipping individuals and churches in the practice of praying for others in the power of the Spirit, demonstrating the Kingdom of God in works as well as words.

The teaching material has been adapted from John Coles’ book of the same name. It is presented in six sessions in order to make this resource suitable for use as a short study course or in a home group setting. The powerpoint presentation that accompanies this teaching is included for those who prefer to present the material themselves.