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Learning to Heal Study Guide

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The ministry of Jesus combined teaching with words with a demonstration of the loving power of God. His whole life pointed to the reality of who God is. He was always about his Father’s business and it was the glory of God for which he lived.

In his own words Jesus, the Son of God, could only do by choosing to do what he first “saw the Father doing”. Whilst fully God he became fully human in his incarnation, and as such became completely dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit, and his ability to hear what the Father was doing so that he could follow his leading.

Just as the first disciples of Jesus learnt to hear God’s voice and how to live Holy Spirit dependent lives, so is the birth-right of every believer to hear the voice of God.

This exciting box set will focus on:
-How to hear God’s voice today
- How can we get started using this gift both inside and outside of the local church?
- How can we use this powerful gift wisely and sensitively?
- What is God saying to you? How can we discern his plans and purposes for our lives?
- Is New Testament prophecy the same as old Testament prophecy?