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Parenting Children DVD + 20 Handbooks Children

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Parents are entrusted with lives that they will inevitably mould and shape - both by what they do and by what they don't do. It's a privilege and a responsibility. This book mines the wisdom that comes to us from the Bible, exploring in a practical way how parents can raise children within the framework of God's liberating, unconditional love - a love that: seeks to build up; guides in right ways; is not afraid to discipline when necessary; does not demand performance; always offers forgiveness. 'This is a splendid book for families everywhere: full of wise, thoughtful advice and practical ideas on the art of parenting that really work' Lyndon and Celia Bowring, CARE 'Of all the books available on family life Mark and Lindsay's is the best I've read! They provide practical, biblical encouragement to all those seeking to make a good family great.' Mike Breen