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Road To Maturity + Marks Of Maturity Combo

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Road to Maturity

True maturity is becoming like Jesus. As Christians we are all on the road to maturity, but sometimes the journey is made harder by unresolved issues from the past which block our path.This course is designed to uncover what these might be, and to implement their removal so that we may continue along the road unhindered by the past.

The Road To Maturity by Mary Pytches is a six-week course that comes as a 3-DVD set with an accompanying booklet. It is designed for small group and individual study.

Mary has an international speaking ministry and has many years' experience of pastoral counselling, especially on issues of personal development.

Marks of Maturity

The process of change is fundamental to the Christian life. A continued transformation should be taking place within each of us. In the first course, The Road to Maturity, we looked at blockages to maturity and how to remove them.

The Marks of Maturity examines the indicating factors for maintaining progress. The story of the Prodigal Son, his journey away from home and his journey back, is used as a backdrop to these studies. 

The DVD set includes a course booklet, which is also available to download as a PDF from Disc 1.