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Recorded at regional conferences held in three different cities early in the year, the 2015 album Wildfire captures a move of the Spirit across the New Wine movement and seeks to reignite the Church to become a radical agent of transformation.

This album features original songs written by the New Wine Worship Team of Chris Lawson Jones, Chris Sayburn, Lauren Harris, Susie Woodbridge and Sam Bailey, and marks a step forward in terms of creativity and experimentation. Alongside these new tracks are songs from other writers, chosen for inclusion because of a sense that they are particularly significant for the Church in this season.

Track list
  • Lifeline (Featuring Sam Bailey)
  • No Reason To Fear (Featuring Susie Woodbridge)
  • God Almighty (Featuring Chris Lawson Jones)
  • This I Believe (Featuring Karen Gillespie)
  • Wildfire (Featuring Sam Bailey)
  • All Consuming Fire (Featuring Chris Sayburn)
  • Held High (Featuring Sam Bailey)
  • Come To The Waters (Featuring Lauren Harris)
  • O Lord We Seek Your Face (Featuring Chris Lawson Jones)
  • Now Glorious (Featuring Karen Gillespie)
  • Forgiven (Featuring Susie Woodbridge)
  • Good Good Father (Featuring Chris Sayburn)