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X-Cavate (Pebbles and Gems)

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This curriculum resource is especially for Gems (0-2s) and Pebbles (3-4s). 

There is no better way to start X-Cavate! than by launching it with the youngest members of our church-pre-schoolers. Yes, you know, all those screaming babies and snotty toddlers who are not at school yet! Don’t they deserve to dig deep and find God’s treasure in a fun, interactive, and Spirit-filled way, which could transform their lives forever?

This resource is like no other you’ve seen before. Seriously we’re not kidding! It’s jammed packed full of:

· 10 exciting sessions (5 for 0-2 year olds, 5 for 3-4 year olds)

· Interactive Bible teaching for pre-schoolers

· Top tips from Our Place team on how to include ALL children

· Response activities that are both quiet and lively-specifically designed so that the Holy Spirit has space to touch children at a level that is completely age appropriate.