‘This week has reignited my faith’

Here are some encouraging stories of God at work in hearts, minds, bodies and relationships from those who gathered at United.

‘Many children were receiving gifts, words & pictures’

‘During worship one evening I sat down and closed my eyes, I saw a picture of the sky open and gifts being poured down into the kids venue. I thought it was probably just my imagination but later when  collecting my child from the 8-11s venue was told they would be a bit later finishing as the Holy Spirit was at work and many children were receiving gifts, words and pictures! I was told my daughter had been really listening and engaging and on the way back to our tent she told me she had been asking for the gift of prophecy. I’ve been thinking about it more back home and I think it’s a prompt for me (maybe the church too) to get to where the Holy Spirit is at work, to value my investment in children and place myself more where he is already moving. I’m thankful for a picture of what he is doing and his perspective as culture does not always see working with children as the ‘important’ stuff and give it the same value as the adults.’ Gill

‘I’m anchored in God’s presence’

‘I was reluctant to go up for prayer on the last night. I have been waiting for an analysis of a lump in my leg bone but didn’t dare to get prayer for it earlier in the week, especially as being young I assumed it would turn out to be nothing. Thank you for encouraging us all not to leave without getting prayer. I felt an overwhelming sense of God’s presence, burden being lifted and being held firmly in his hand. I returned home last night with an overwhelming sense of peace continuing to surround me. Today I have received the diagnosis of sarcoma (bone cancer) in my leg and will begin treatment in the coming weeks. If this had come before this week, I don’t know how I would have coped with the news. Today I feel so strong and equipped for this journey that lies ahead anchored in God’s presence with the knowledge of him carrying me each step of this journey towards being healed (whether supernaturally or medically). Thanks for all you did this week. I always leave United feeling more refreshed than any other holiday.’

‘Warmth spread over me & I felt God saying, “I heard your prayers”‘

‘I was at the Ministering Healing seminar listening to Ben Doolan explore healing ministry. He shared that God seemed to be doing things with hearing at United. I have about 20% healing in my left ear, but decided ages ago that this was an area of my life I should live with, so didn’t go forward when he asked those with ear problems to do so. My wrist was painful. Every so often I get really bad pain but again have decided it isn’t worth bothering Jesus about. I decided instead during the ministry time to intercede for my vicar’s wife who went down with Covid two days before we were due to arrive. A man asked if I wanted prayer. I explained why I was on my knees. He started to pray for her with me. I realized someone was praying on my right side too. Then from the front it was stated that some people had come forward to pray for those at home who weren’t here and that was good and God could heal them. Warmth spread over me and I felt God saying ‘I heard your prayers’. Then I realized my wrist no longer hurt. I opened my eyes feeling a tad strange when the person on my right said “Is your wrist ok? I had a word that God wanted me to pray for someone with a hurting wrist.” He then said he felt that he should pray for someone with arthritis in the same area. My vicar has arthritis in his wrist. Isn’t it funny how God works?’ Chris

‘It raised my faith hugely’

‘On the first night in the Arena during the prayer ministry time I saw a friend from my church, and felt God prompting me to walk over and pray with him. As I stood beside him the words “five weeks” bubbled up in my mind, a little oddly. So I took the risk of telling my friend that maybe God was giving him this phrase, and wondered – with scepticism to be honest – if it meant anything. Amazingly it was perfect: he told me it was five weeks to the day since a very significant moment in his life from which he was in recovery, and was the precise reason he had gone forward for prayer. It showed him that Jesus is right there with him on his journey. And it raised my faith hugely, knowing that Jesus is still right there with me too, especially as my own spiritual journey has some similarities. We have both gone home from United with a powerfully renewed sense of God’s presence – and renewed friendship – and are carrying that back into our daily lives, as we support each other. All because of two words!’ Anon

‘My heart’s desire was for God to use me’

‘At United B I responded to a call to come forward for prayer for back pain at the Prayer Ministry Training session. I injured my back a year ago and since then I’ve not been able to carry a bag on either shoulder. Not even a small handbag. As the woman praying for me did so, her face glowed with joy and I began to weep. My heart’s desire was for God to use me again sharing words with people as it had been a long period of feeling like I’d lost my ability to hear his voice in that way. By the next day I was able to carry a bag on my shoulder again and I had started to hear words for people I prayed for! I want to encourage people not to rule themselves out of being used by God to bring restoration to people. Thank you Jesus!’ Lisa

‘There was an audible ‘pop’ from my knee and all pain disappeared’

‘I was at the Ministering Healing seminar and there was a call for prophetic words while healing was happening. I had a word and wrestled with my confidence whether or not to pass it on. After 10 minutes I got over myself and decided to make my way to the stage. I overheard a woman say she had a word that someone needed prayer for their left knee. I tapped her on the shoulder and said, ‘That’ll be me then!’ I have had serious pain in my left knee over the last month or so. Walking for more than 10 minutes can sometimes be excruciating. She prayed for me really simply. There was an audible ‘pop’ from my knee and all pain disappeared. I’ve had no pain since and have full mobility in the joint. It was definitely a God moment!’ James

‘I’m walking normally without pain for the first time in 18 months’

‘On the second evening of United B I had a small feeling that the call for prayer could be for me. I have a small coffee shop business that I need to make big decisions about as we are struggling after the pandemic. I also have very sore Achilles’ tendons, making walking difficult. As the aisle where I was sat was already full, I decided I would just pray quietly and sat back down. The chair buckled beneath me, sending me to my knees where I stayed, as God obviously wanted me there! I didn’t get an answer to prayer for the business but when I walked from the Arena I had no pain in my ankles. I’m walking normally without pain for the first time in 18 months. It is incredible – I’ve even been able to play football with the children in our group. Praise and thanks to our wonderful God!’ Ali

‘Suddenly I could breathe and move freely’

‘One morning of United B, I waited on God after Amy Orr Ewing’s talk. I could feel a stirring in me and I moved forward for prayer. The woman that prayed for me had been given an image for someone before she’d arrived at United and when she shared it, it was the same image I’d had the day before! With prayer, the Goliath in my life, which had come between me and Jesus, fell to the ground and I was able to meet Jesus on the water. Suddenly I could breathe and move freely. I love to dance but don’t in front of others as I’d viewed it as not a pretty sight! In the evening I went to the front and danced like I’d never danced before, free from inhibitions, free from chains and free to praise and dance with Jesus. It was the most incredible feeling.’ Steph

‘Those small words were so powerful’

‘One morning at United B my husband and I came forward for prayer after a prophetic word about a mother who is anxious as her son is self-harming. We cried and we were prayed for. I then went to a seminar, cried more and got more prayer. That night as my son was helping dry the dishes (he’s a teenager so that in itself is a miracle) he suddenly started to talk about his self-harm. We hadn’t discussed anything about the prayers with him. He said, ‘I’m thinking that I’ll try going for a walk instead now.’ Those small words were so powerful after many months and years of anxiety. We know this isn’t a complete healing but, wow, what a start. We are so encouraged. God is good. We are truly blessed.’ April & Adrian

‘I left with my faith on fire’

‘Having given my life to Christ in March 2019, I’ve been waiting three long years to come to United. It surpassed my expectations. The Morning & Evening Celebrations blew my mind! But it was the encounters with Jesus that made it so special. One evening I wandered into the Encounter marquee with my six-year-old Edward. We sat enjoying the music and relaxed atmosphere when I felt a sudden surge of God’s love through me, from my feet upwards. Edward looked at me and told me he loved me with all his heart and that he loved Jesus. On the last morning, there was a word from the stage that God wanted to heal someone’s little finger on their left hand, to show how he cares about every little detail of us. Two hours later an injury on the little finger of my left hand had begun to heal! Within two days, the sensitive area had gone and I now have a knuckle bone where it should be! My finger has full mobility for the first time in 30 years. I left with my faith on fire! I can’t wait for next year. Mick 

‘He just smiled and nodded’

I went up for prayer at the end of Johnny Nimmo’s talk. The Holy Spirit laid me flat on the floor. I don’t know how long I lay there, but someone put their hand on my shoulder. A while later, I opened my eyes to see – to my amazement – a blonde boy of about 7 or 8 smiling at me. We talked a little, at least I did, he just smiled and nodded. His wonderful smile said all I needed to hear. I’m a children’s physiotherapist, and for many years I’ve put my hands on children with disabilities, helping them to move their bodies. Now the Lord sent a child to put his hand on me, as I learnt a little more about vulnerability.’ Margaret

‘I’m so grateful I obeyed’

‘I lost my voice in February and have not had much of a voice since then until this week. I’d signed up for the 0-4s team but thought of dropping out because of my lack of voice but while praying beforehand I felt God say I should serve. I’m so grateful I obeyed! During the worship in the Team Commissioning service I was singing in the way I have been in recent months when gradually my voice began to return until it came back completely and has stayed!’ Angie

‘For the first time I feel confident in who I am’

‘At the start of the week I was very stressed and not in a place to receive. I was closed off and thought, ‘Why am I even here?’. God broke me more than usual. I’m 36 and I’ve been able to deal with 10 years of grief from losing both parents. This week has re-ignited my faith. It’s started healing issues in my marriage. I’ve started to love myself and know God really loves me! For 10 years, I’ve known my faith is there, but not known I needed God to break into other areas. This week, people have prayed for me and known things that only God could. It’s been like a box broken open, but I didn’t know it was closed. For the first time I feel confident in who I am, and since becoming a father two years ago, I actually feel like a good father for my daughter.’ Chris

‘Moved to take action’

‘It was after Anu George’s powerful testimony on Sunday evening that I sensed God’s outrage at slavery and abuse and how we in the West had become passive about this. At 3.30am on Monday morning, I was woken by the Holy Spirit. He said: ‘I have put a stamp on your heart. It cannot be removed. When you hear of stories of slavery, abuse and injustice, you will be moved to take action – you will be led by my Spirit.’ I asked: “But where do we start?” And He replied: “Start where you are. Go into your local community and ask the Holy Spirit to show you where slavery or trafficking or abuse or injustice is going on. What if you went and stood outside that place and prayed and worshipped? Then see what happens – because I will be with you!’ Julian

‘We know Jesus is with us’

‘During Mike Pilavachi’s talk in the Arena he asked if there was a couple in the room who had had a conversation this afternoon saying that unless Jesus does something, it’s over. That was my wife and I. She wasn’t with me in the Arena – so we couldn’t stand together when Mike asked. I went back to the tent and brought her back to the meeting, and we received prayer together. We have a long way to go, but we know Jesus is fighting with us – and that we’re seen by him.’ Jimmy

‘I haven’t taken a paracetamol since’

‘I just got back from an incredible week at United. The week before, I was told my arm still had two fractures after spending 10 weeks in a cast and I had to wear a splint for 6 weeks which would likely entail an operation. I was taking more than 12 painkillers a day and it was still unbearable. On Wednesday night my arm was prayed for in the Arena after someone had a word. After a surging heat, it immediately felt free. I was able to take my splint off and move my arm for the first time since May! Praise Jesus. I haven’t taken a paracetamol since! Thank you all for making this incredible event happen.’ Chelsea

‘God blessed me with healing and restoration’

‘After a particularly difficult five years of bereavement, heartbreak and lockdown, I was struggling with deep sadness, disappointment and anger and just wanted to withdraw from church. I felt called to go to United even after saying I’d never camp again! I came with my husband and our vicar. God blessed me with healing and restoration so that I can continue with all that he has called me to do in my church whilst supporting my family. I feel so much lighter! We are so glad we came. We’re hoping to bring our families and church family next year.’ Elaine

‘Both teenagers gave their lives to Christ!’

‘Our church group had an amazing time – old friendships were rebuilt, new friendships of faith formed, and we’re rebooted and recharged for the rebuilding work ahead. A particular highlight was a family who have rarely been in church for the last two years unexpectedly coming with us. Their oldest teenager came reluctantly, having totally disconnected from faith. On the final night, both teenagers gave their lives to Christ in the Arena! For me as a vicar, this week has been the deepest oasis and spiritual refreshment I’ve had for three years and I’ve seen how vital it is for the congregation, particularly our youth and children.’ Adrian

‘Our autistic son skipped in each morning’

‘The Our Place team were such an incredible blessing this week. Our autistic son skipped in each morning and was sharing with excitement all he had done each evening. It was with some trepidation that we set out to United, but Our Place’s incredible care, way of entering our son’s world and meeting his sensory, emotional and spiritual needs put the secular world to shame. In turn we were able to worship deeply and freely which as church leaders was so needed. Thank you to the skilled and deeply loving people who stepped up when the call went out for team!’

‘Jesus has unlocked my joy for the world again’

‘Worshipping in the Luminosity tent, I felt compelled to get on my knees and started receiving prayer for joy. Only then did I realise that I’d been missing excitement and joy in my life as I felt Jesus fill me with it in waves. I felt that Jesus was calling me to go and run a lap around the field. I thought, ‘This is crazy’, but I did it, and laughed all the way, feeling like I was flying. Jesus had unlocked my joy for the world again. I took off my socks with the prayer leaders and sat in the grass, letting this joy fill me again and thanking him.’ Daisy

‘God can break through in the most hopeless situation’

‘In December my dad got sepsis. Two months ago we found out the infections in his legs were getting worse and there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t amputate as he was never going to be strong enough and the infection would eventually spread up to his heart. I had given up hope he would be healed and did not pray for healing as I was told there was no way he was going to get better. I came to United with my church, and on the Thursday morning during ministry time I heard from God that I needed to pray for his legs. He is the God of the impossible so I shouldn’t give up. Today (Friday) I had a call from my dad. He got the all clear for the amputation of his right leg and they can save his left leg. The infections are clearing and he is getting stronger. God is so good! I will continue to pray as God can break through in the most hopeless situation!’ Georgina, All Saints Ipswich

‘Now go outside the church and do the same’

The Holy Spirit was really present after Nicola Neal’s morning talk. One of our number was told by the Lord to go and bless others in the congregation, then he said, ‘Now go and wander outside the church and do the same.’ Someone happened to be walking past at the time and she shared the Gospel with him.’ All Saints Highams Park

‘I didn’t realize how burdened and broken I’d been until it had gone’

‘My husband and I arrived at United A physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. Moving to a new area in lockdown with a new baby in 2020, followed by two hard years and then two recent failed rounds of IVF, had taken their toll. I was angry with God. On day 3 I felt a nudge during the ministry time to forgive God for IVF not working, so I did. I didn’t feel anything at the time, but the weight that lifted off me in the hours that followed was incredible. I didn’t realise how burdened and broken I had been until it had gone. I realised I had been in survival mode for the past 2 years, getting through each day but not living. We got some amazing prophetic prayer, worshipped, prayed and experienced the Holy Spirit in ways we haven’t done for more than two years. We left inspired, energised and excited about the year ahead.’

‘We were among beautiful, very kind and pleasant people’

‘My son and I are from Ukraine and this was our first experience of a campsite and New Wine. We were among beautiful, very kind and pleasant people, with whom it was so good to spend this time. My son enjoyed Luminosity, meeting new friends and the leaders. I was happy to spend time with people in common prayers, singing and listening to speakers. We also met other families from Ukraine here. We are grateful to New Wine for providing free places for us, for the well-thought-out organization of the festival and to our British family, Sally and Bruce, for taking us and giving us everything we needed. We are very grateful to our church community for their support, friendly atmosphere of camping and praying for Ukraine. We hope to see you next year.’ Tanya and Dima, Christ Church Ware

‘Thank you for helping us be filled up and empowered’

‘We came to United last week empty but returned home full. Wow, what a morning we had back at church afterwards. Thank you New Wine for helping us be filled up and empowered. Great speakers and teaching, some tough to hear but so true. Our vicar asked us to share our testimony of our time with you last week. No questions asked of us. A free platform in our Anglican church! To speak and share what we had been part of in the power of the Holy Spirit. We didn’t prepare much and let the Spirit lead us, and he didn’t disappoint us. 10 brave people out of 30 came forward for prayer to receive our Father’s love by the power of his Spirit at the end of the service. It was so encouraging for us. They are all hungry and in need of filling up. Our vicar is now on board and we will prepare for the Lord’s fire to ignite us all as we wait on him each week in our service.’ Michelle

‘I was healed on the first night during the worship’

‘I arrived at United A fully expecting God to show up in a big way. However, I didn’t expect to be healed on the first night during the worship. I had a frozen shoulder which had been extremely painful for months. The pain and stiffness went completely and I now have full movement back in my shoulder. It was a huge privilege to be on the ministry team praying and facilitating God’s healing in others. I’ve been watching United B online and it’s been amazing! Thank you for making United 22 happen. Words cannot express how much it has meant to so many.’ Suzan

Were you at United A or B or watching online? We’d love to hear your God story and, with your permission, share it to encourage others. Email stories@new-wine.org