Article: New Wine Worship Live 2014


New Wine Worship Live 2014

Neil Bennetts looks ahead to the next New Wine Worship live album

We are so excited that the 2014 New Wine Worship live album will be recorded around the country during the spring, and will be released at the New Wine National Gatherings in the summer.


The new live album will include a number of fresh new songs written by worship leaders around the country, including offerings from writers Chris Lawson Jones, Chris Sayburn, Susie Woodbridge, Nick Herbert, Lauren Harris and myself. The album will also feature great songs from other movements and streams that we think will bless New Wine churches this year and into the future.


One of the things we have learned in recent years is that for New Wine, worship is a live, edgy, prophetic and sometimes slightly messy thing. To capture that raw sound, we will be recording at the National Leadership Conference in Harrogate (March 17-19) and the three worship conferences in Leeds (March 22), London (March 29) and Cheltenham (April 5). The album will then be prepared for release in the summer complete with the live, edgy sound that we love! We have a great team of worship leaders and an amazing new band that we have put together for this project who will not only be leading worship for the recordings, but also leading worship for us (alongside other worship leaders) in The Arena at the National Gatherings this summer. We're also thrilled to have one of the UK's top producers, Trevor Michael (Matt Redman, Martin Smith, NewWine 2013) working with us on the project. 


You may be wondering why we are doing things differently this year, especially when we had such a great recording from The Arena tin 2013. There are a number of reasons that we feel this year we would like to do it a little differently. 


We realise that, as a movement, we have not been writing many great songs that are serving the life of our churches at the moment. Part of the call we sense in this new season is to become better at writing songs, and better at getting those songs in the hands of worship leaders and teams around the country. To be able to produce a live recording of the songs that will also be used in The Arena this summer will mean that churches can take the songs home with them immediately after the National Gatherings and start using them immediately, not having to wait for an album that may take three months to come out.


There are also changes in the way that the worship industry works worldwide, meaning that in order to ensure worldwide distribution, we cannot always use the live worship from our National Gatherings. This means that relying solely on such recordings every year could limit, and make less predictable, what we can produce, and what songs we can use in terms of albums from our National Gatherings. In the future, our partnership with Integrity Music will not only bring their expertise and experience of such creative projects to New Wine Worship, but their worldwide marketing and distribution capability as well.


We hope you will love being part of this exciting new venture at the National Leadership Conference or one of the worship conferences, or as part of the National Gatherings in the summer where you will be able to sing the songs, get hold of the CD, and take the sound of New Wine Worship back to your churches.


We really hope to see you there!

Neil Bennetts

Neil Bennetts Neil is the CEO of The Worship Foundation.