New Wine Family AR App


All year round App

Missional Generation and New Wine have been working together on a discipleship resource for children to use with their families, churches or holiday clubs.

The New Wine Family AR app helps strengthen children’s discipleship with animated teaching and fun games for parents or guardians, children’s workers and churches to use with children aged 5-11 years. There are lots of Bible-related games and augmented reality (AR) activities for all to enjoy, bringing fun and innovative technology alongside learning and discipleship.

If you do not have an AR-compatible phone there are great non-AR activities available too, ensuring the app is accessible to everyone. Follow the loveable Little Family that’s featured, journeying through Bible stories, teachings and activities on a weekly basis.

How to use at home 

  • You can engage with the app as a family from the comfort of your own home to inspire children to build rhythms of conversation and prayer about personal and global worries.
  • Set time aside after school or in the evenings before bedtime to experience the content together at home.

How to use as churches 

  • If you’re a children’s worker or church leader, why not use the animated teaching in your Sunday groups while the children have a drink and snack?
  • Why not use our animation or Tuesday Testimonies – weekly kids’ videos unpacking and praying through a Bible theme such as the I Am statements of Jesus or the journey through advent teaching – as part of the family services?
  • You can also go through the content in small groups at church or holiday clubs, with leaders in each group helping children connect with the teachings together.
  • This is a great way for young people to be mission-focused as they use this through Sunday school takeovers which offer young people a great chance to lead children in exploring the Bible in a digital way.

We have lots of fun showcasing this app at regional and summer gatherings and have seen over 3000 families downloading and regularly engaging with all the content in this app each week.

New content

The New Wine Little Family AR app is offering an Augmented Reality experience exploring the story of Peter through playful, immersive games linked to Bible teaching animations, such as catching fish and understanding the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. There are more features available in the app, including customising your dog or cat character with fun clothes and accessories as well colouring in sheets which you can find in the newly designed creative space for your character customisation. 5-11s can experience the latest 6-day Bible experience focusing on David’s life in the Old Testament, with customised games and animation to help explore the story of David from Kid to King through games and animations. In addition to this, kids and children’s leaders can access previous year’s content items made for each New Wine summer camp United Kids.

Peter series:

Follow the story of Peter through 8 animations and 8 interactive games looking at aspects in Peter’s life all the way up to Acts 2. Kids will be able to explore Bible teaching on key stories of Peter, such as Jesus calling the fisherman, Pentecost and the healing of the disabled man at the temple gates.

David series:

We’re looking at David, from Kid to King, with 2 interactive games and 2 animated videos each day for 6 days. Kids will get the chance to explore and learn about the life of David and how God called him. We have created animations of the Little Family which will explore the daily themes and provide space for kids to encounter the Holy Spirit.

Moses series:

Step into the life of Moses using Augmented Reality, following the Little Family as you explore 6 themes containing 12 animations and 12 AR Bible games. These cover key themes in Moses’ life, such as the Burning Bush, exploring the Tabernacle, locating the 10 Commandments and much more.

How to download the app

Visit your app store and search ‘New Wine Family AR’ and click on the button to download. We recommend downloading the app using Wi-Fi. Follow the onscreen instructions and enable items as requested.

How to use the app

When you launch the app, you will be given onscreen instructions to help you navigate through the games and animation episodes.

If using the Augmented Reality version of the app, please play in a bright and spacious area making sure that you are clear of any obstacles.

Come back every day and explore all that the app offers as well as the weekly teaching of the event to find the newly unlocked games and animations.

Non AR version of the app

Some phones will not have Augmented Reality compatibility but you will still be able to enjoy non-AR versions of the games. If you have an Android phone without AR capability, your phone will try to send you to Google Play when you launch the app. Instead of doing this, click the device’s back button (found on the bottom left hand side of your screen) to launch the non-AR version of the games.

Content, Creative Direction & Project Management by Missional Generation along with the Illustrations and animations created by Missional Generation.