Who we are

Who we are

We’re a Spirit-empowered movement bringing this nation back to Jesus – through the local Church – one renewed life at a time.

We’re a missional agency.

We’re not-for-profit.

What that means

The vision and reason for New Wine has always been to equip the local Church to release confident, Spirit-filled followers of Jesus. We want to see:

  • Churches filled with the presence and power of God, overflowing with love and hope to their communities
  • Individual Christians who know how to move in the power of the Spirit, making God known in their streets and workplaces
  • Relationally generous individuals and churches, giving away as much as they have received from God

How we achieve it

We are committed to making this vision a reality through:

  • Prayer
  • Training people in Holy Spirit ministry
  • A network of church leaders and practitioners who model our values and generously give away what they have received from God
  • Gathering around a rhythm of yearly festival including national, regional and local events focussed on Spirit renewal, presence-filled worship and biblical teaching
  • Individual, church, charity and business partners that financially support our charity so that our work can continue

See WHAT WE DO for details of our events and ministries

See PLAY YOUR PART for ways to connect with and support us (including our Leadership Network)

Biblical basis

Ministry in the power of the Spirit (John 5:19, 14:12)
Partnering with God through his Spirit in word, works and worship, with the expectation of seeing signs and wonders to confirm the teaching, for the benefit and building up of the Church.

Kingdom (Mark 1:14-15, Luke 4:18-21)
Addressing God’s concern for the poor by changing culture; being the light of the world beyond buildings and projects, wherever we are.

Relationships (Mark 3:13-15, 31-35)
We invite you to partner with us in our mission, led by the Spirit. We facilitate times of connection, collaboration and inspiration among peers and learners. We support church leaders and pray for the Spirit to renew them and their churches. We invite patrons seeking to obey their calling to give financial gifts for the work of God’s kingdom.

Generosity (Matthew 10:8, 2 Corinthians 9:11)
‘Freely we’ve received now freely we give’ remains a key principle for New Wine. We run our events (physical and digital) at no profit so that as many as possible can join us. We share the resources we have as widely as we can and encourage churches to do the same.

See OUR VALUES for an outline of our principles for ministry

New Wine is a member of the Evangelical Alliance