Church Pioneering & Planting


You’re a Christian today because somebody planted the church where you worship. Church planting is one of the most effective mission strategies and we encourage and support opportunities to pioneer new expressions of church.

New Wine churches have been planting churches for 30 years! In the last five years, however, there has been an unprecedented level of pioneering and planting across the country and increasing interest from bishops and other denominations about how New Wine can help.


There are four different church planting groups. The dreamers – those considering how to plant, engaging with mission and wondering how to make church more accessible in their context or planning to plant in the near or distant future. The doers – the planters on the ground, the modern day apostles, those who have been sent out to build from scratch and see God’s kingdom come in places and networks that have been starved of the good news of Jesus. The donors – those generous churches who see a need and send out people, resources and money to support the planters. The don’t-knows – supporters, cheer leaders, the interested and the intrigued.

We aim to support each church planting group through partnership with local churches and denominations, training events and resources.

We currently have training resources available via New Wine Online, including a 10-part course, based on Gareth Robinson’s book Stones and Ripples, which aims to equip those on the journey to planting new church communities. It is designed to be followed as part of a facilitated group.

To join one of these September cohorts, or for any other information, email us at