Welcome to the New Wine Kids Teams! New Wine Kids exists to enable kids to encounter Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

At New Wine United we have a host of kids venues ranging from 0-4s through to 10-11s. Each venue is a great opportunity to serve and also to learn how to do great ministry and take it back to your church.

Come and join the adventure of New Wine United Kids in the summer!

We have a limited number of team places available for 13-17 year-olds:

We’re passionate about seeing children meet with God! Check out our vision for kids’ ministry here.

Where else can you spend time with some of the most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet? Serving on Team in one of the children’s venues is a rewarding, energising, and fun way of giving back – and you’ll see God do some amazing things along the way.

Kids Groups

Our kids ministry at United consists of 6 teams for you to pick from:

  1. United Kids 0-4s
  2. United Kids 0-4s Families
  3. United Kids 5-7s
  4. United Kids 8-9s
  5. United Kids 10-11s
  6. United Kids Creative

*for 2022, 8-9s will be merging with 10-11s

What will I be doing?

In all kids teams, you’ll befriend, lead and encourage the children, get alongside them in small groups, pray with and for them, minister to them in the power of the Spirit, and encourage them to pray for each other. You’ll serve as a small group leader, either on your own or paired up with another team member. Some teams also need activity leaders who organise, prepare and supervise drama, games, or crafts and assist with the practical needs of the team while not being directly responsible for a group of children.

You will need:

  • A heart to serve.
  • Bags of energy and enthusiasm.
  • To be active and willing to help children engage with Jesus.
  • Be able to be part of a team and be ready for anything.
  • Recent experience of working with children.

Can I work with children with additional needs?

There are opportunities to work with children who have additional needs in the children’s venues as a part of the Accessible Church team. You would attend all team training and wear the t-shirt of the venue you’re in but would be there to support children with additional needs. Apply to the Accessible Church team and tell us your preferred venue.

What does being a volunteer look like in each venue?

United Kids 0-4s: (Pre-school)
  • Story telling, play, prayer and worship to introduce children to Jesus and help them start a life-long journey with him.
  • Caring for the youngest people on the site, keeping them safe and enabling them to engage in teaching, prayer and worship times.
  • Each afternoon the Team have their own teaching and ministry times. They’ll leave equipped to serve preschoolers in their local community.
  • Approx. working hours: 8am-4.30pm (with a break for lunch!)
United Kids 0-4s Families: (Pre-school)
  • Working with families with pre-school children to facilitate an encounter with God through story, worship, creative prayer, play and craft.
  • To serve families, providing a safe, secure, warm and dry space where adults and children can explore their faith.
  • Being an active member of a relatively small team, bringing and using your gifts, supporting one another through the week, working hard but having the ability to receive as well as give out. You will leave better equipped to serve children and families in your local community.
  • Approx. working hours – 6/7 hrs a day plus team time. The venue operates from 5.30am to 9.30pm.
United Kids 5-7s: (Reception – Year 2)
  • We love to have lots of fun with the kids as well as each other. We want to invest in you, in your leadership as well as your spiritual walk, so we provide teaching and worship for you and the team.
  • You will be put into a small group of 5-7s  where you will worship and minister, have lots of fun and build good relationships with the children. We encourage you to help the children engage with what’s going on upfront from teaching to messy games, and drama.
  • Our venue is like your family and it helps you to grow whilst you enable children to grow. We look forward to you joining us!
  • Approx. working hours: 8am-12.30pm and 5.45pm-8.30pm.
United Kids 8-9s: (Years 3-4)
  • Learning from local practitioners to take all they have learned, ideas and creativity, back into their churches to run effective children’s ministry
  • Enabling children to engage in teaching, prayer and worship times.
  • Team have input in team time before morning and evening sessions which include teaching and prayer ministry.
  • Approx. working hours: 8am-12.30pm and 5.45pm-8.30pm.

*for 2022, 8-9s will be merging with 10-11s

United Kids 10-11s: (Years 5-6)
  • You’ll spend the week with a small group of 10-11s, ministering to them, praying with them and helping them have as much fun as possible.
  • One moment you’ll be cheering with your group for your team, the next you’ll be setting an example as you worship with all your heart, and then you’ll be hearing from your group what God has been speaking to them about. It’s all about helping your group engage in the upfront teaching, and discover what God has for them.
  • Being on team is like being part of a family. You’ll easily fit in, be supported and regularly encounter God’s Spirit as you minister to the amazing kids in your group.
  • Approx. working hours: 8am-12.45pm and 6pm-9.15pm.

*for 2022, 10-11s will be merging with 8-9s

United Kids Creative
  • Team get to input into children and families lives through a host of activities including bouncy castles and craft activities.
  • Family sessions in the afternoons and kids only sessions in the evening.
  • Enabling kids and families to have the best time!
  • Team input in the afternoon with teaching and prayer ministry.

Volunteers must be:

  1. Over 18 (there are limited team places available for 13-17 yr olds).
  2. A Christian with an active, living faith, a heart for children, and regular attendance at a church/fellowship.
  3. Willing to complete an online application and provide referee details.
  4. Able to provide or complete a DBS Certificate for New Wine.
  5. Adhere to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) basis of faith and agree that your conduct on-site be consistent with New Wine’s ethos and understanding of the teaching of the New Testament.

Volunteers will receive:

  • As with most teams, you’ll get a free ticket to the event (except for the £25 fee that covers admin and all meals); you will need to provide your own accommodation (either on or off site).
  • Experience of working with some of the greatest kids’ leaders in this country!


Information about teams and how to apply