Church Pioneering & Planting


New Wine churches have been planting churches for the last thirty years! In the last decade, there has been an unprecedented level of pioneering and planting across the country and increasing interest from bishops and other denominations about how New Wine can help.


We aim to support and resource all those who feel called to pioneer new worshipping communities and new expressions of church, whether ordained or lay-led.  We have a five-fold approach of training leaders, identifying visionaries, resourcing and gathering pioneers and planters and envisioning all for Kingdom renewal, growth and expansion.

Resources Available

Church Leaders can join the Pioneering and Planting mission focus in the Leadership Network to receive updates on all that is happening throughout the year.

We currently hold monthly webinars on a wide range of topics, delivered by guests with planting or pioneering experience.

Informative and inspiring talks as well as training resources are available via New Wine Online, including Gareth Robinson’s Church Planting Course and Bob and Mary Hopkins’ Missional Leadership Principles.

Church Pioneering and Planting seminars are at every United summer gathering and the annual Leadership Conference.

A yearly cohort of ordained leaders on the journey to planting led by Gareth and based on the book Stones and Ripples begins each September. For more information, contact