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Many churches and their congregations long for clear vision, effective mission strategies and well managed change.

This is a seminar for those in the thick of leading a local church, emerging into leadership, or are open to the possibility of God calling them into full-time christian ministry.

Where are you heading? Are you able to call people to follow you as you follow Jesus? As a leader are you succeeding in leading the most difficult person - yourself?

This seminar examined five pairs of Christian qualities: holiness and humanity, authority and servanthood, truth and grace, courage and wisdom, conviction and learning.  When these qualities are he

Summer Conference 2008: Venue 2 Evening Celebration.

One of the most important assets for growth is your staff team. Where do you begin, who do you appoint first, where does the money come from, how do you plan for growth through your staff?

Leaders are learners. A leader develops when they reflect on their experiences and learn from them.

How do I measure the success of my leadership? Beyond the necessary tricks and techniques of church management, how can we survive and thrive as leaders over the long haul?

Is it possible as leaders to make it to the end of ministry unscathed? So many leaders seem to fall and struggle with the pressures of ministry life.

Turning dreams and ideas into visions, into strategies, into plans, into events and programmes, and finally into communication and organisation and action, are some of the processes involved in eff