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The Kingdom of God is bigger from the inside than out. To get in you need to be able to say 'not my will but yours be done', but once inside God asks 'what are your desires and your will?'.

Mark Melluish speaks of the raising of leaders, to discover the type of leaders God wants us to be but also what to pass on to younger leaders so that what we do does not die with us.

Recently thre has been a huge growth of interest in mediation. The opportunities and challenges for the church are enormous.

Is there a future for us as a church as we see attendance decline over the years? Yes - of His kingdom and rule there shall be no end! Are we going to live by statistics or by the Word of God?

What does it look like to take God's healing presence and power out onto the streets?

Drawing on the character of Jonathan, Paul speaks on the journey from fear to faith.

A model used at Trinity Cheltenham explained: pressing into God, opening the Word and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

John Coles explains a bit more about New Wine vision - about expanding the Kingdom through network and relationship, through cross-generational ministries and trainings, and more.