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Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Church in Chicago, admits that his toughest leadership challenge is himself.

This seminar will unpack the particular social, psychological and spiritual deprivations that Christian leaders may experience including loneliness, idealisation and idealism.

The aim of this seminar is to help leaders understand their own front and back stage. 75 per cent of leaders experience derailment in their careers as a result of dissonance between the two.

From his curacy ar St Stephen's Twickenham and to St John's Harborne where he and his wife Annie have been leaders for 15 years, John will share his experiences of when a thriving church lost the b

This seminar is designed to offer support for leaders and leaderships wanting to improve their ‘handle’ on mission.

Drawing from experience of a curacy at St Andrew’s Chorleywood and St Andrews’s High Wycombe, where John and Annie spent 15 years and saw a church grow to over 500, built a new church and saw the m

The aim of this session is to explore God's invitation to leaders to offer undefended leadership in the church and world.