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Music traditions can have some of the strongest holds on our churches - from hymns, choirs and anthems to sung psalms, songs and choruses.

This is a short session on prayer and supernatural lifestyle, from Matthew 11: 1-5, demonstrating that what we focus on and our attitudes can affect our effectiveness.

Learn how to carry and nurture God's presence on the streets. Explore how to create an environment for God encounters on the streets.

Speaking from experience, Steve shares his thoughts about how to start a community project, how to maintain momentum and why bother in the first place?

To be a church that, despite suffering, breaks through barriers and does great things.  What are the things that can stop us from being that church.

How to lead in a difficult situation where you feel you are fighting for your life.

Discussion on difficulties and advantages of effectively in a multi-cultural church. It is what we are as The Church, and therefore we must see our present multi-cultural church as a gift.