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Is your life dominated by your work? Do you struggle with work/life balance? Do you find that time for yourself and you family and friends is constantly being squeezed out?

Based on Luke 16:16, Bill Johnson speaks on the power of testimony, which is a catalyst to change.

God is Sovereign. Despite not needing us, He choses to work in partnership with us. God chooses us, and gives us the authority to enforce the will and purpose He has.

How do you cope with the pressure, learn from so many different experiences, lead with confidence in a church that is often suspicious of the young?

How to ge the most out of the people you 'manage', to coach them and get best performance.

Handout on areas of brokenness, associated addictions, and resources to help deal with these.

This seminar speaks about the difficult conversations that we don't want to have but are necessary to have. Why and when are they necessary, and how do you follow these conversations up?

Speaks of the importance of discipleship, and a course they run to have a diagnostic tool to understand who the broken are and how to understand and deal with it.