• Your Breakout venue will have 1-2 handheld cabled microphones, 2 x speakers, a music stand (lectern), a projector and a screen. If you plan on showing a presentation or video clip*, you will need to bring your own laptop/tablet with power cables and your own adaptors to connect to the HDMI input for the projectors. We will provide an HDMI plug at the lectern with a 3.5mm jack plug for sound playback available only by request. If you wish to use presentations, we suggest using the following layout options:
  • Font Size Minimum        40pts

Font Style       San Serif fonts only

Colours          Black on white is optimal – no pastel colours


  • All seminars are 1 hour
  • Your seminar host will welcome and introduce you to speak


Based on our New Wine values, past experience and delegate feedback, we ask that:

  • Your breakout is a balanced combination of biblical teaching and ministry in the Holy Spirit.
  • Your breakouts are interactive (where applicable).
  • Speakers talk for no longer than 35-40 minutes.
  • If appropriate, you include a short Q&A or some form of interaction with delegates.
  • You leave time and space for prayer and ministry at the end, which your breakout host will support and lead with you.
  • Your breakout overseer may have decided on a different format to the above, so please always discuss your ideas/plans with them before preparing your seminar. (If you wish to contact the person overseeing your breakout, please get in touch with Vicky Read).


We are looking forward to hearing you speak on your given subject. Please refrain from using the breakout as a platform or opportunity to promote your particular organisation other than a short introduction and summary (if appropriate).