Join in with 12 ways to reset this Christmas time- to help us be spirit-filled, nation changers, following Jesus step by step. 

Reset your home- Part 1.

Christmas presents- you either love choosing presents for people, find it totally stressful or you’re somewhere in the middle. No one is immune from the present madness, the pressure to pick the best presents, wrap them beautifully, hit the postal deadlines or deliver in time for the big day is a lot. Then in a flurry of ripping and tearing the moment is over in a matter of hours (or minutes!!) the presents are received. 

This christmas, instead of feeling the pressure of presents, let’s take a few moments to think about where we can be present this christmas season. 

  • Present with God- When and where in this season can you stop and just be present with the Lord? Maybe an intentional winter walk, a moment in the bible, or worship whilst wrapping. 
  • Present with those you love- In the busyness where can you choose to be present with those you love? Intentionally ignoring the to do list for a few hours to just spend time with people.