An extraordinary offering

We’re at an extraordinary moment in New Wine’s history. We’re grateful for the support and encouragement of some wonderful friends & partners in our Kingdom work. Find out how you can stand with us at

“Wherever I go, I see that New Wine is one of the essential parts of the work of the Church of England and also of the broader life of the Church of God in these islands. The equipping and encouragement that New Wine’s networks provide to church leaders, church planters, children’s workers, youth workers, worship leaders and lay leaders makes a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of local churches. And the New Wine events are very significant places of renewal and refreshment for many thousands more, inspiring them to share the love of Jesus in a way that transforms the communities they serve. I know that for myself and all our family New Wine was a gift in enabling refreshment and strengthening of all. New Wine’s vision, to see the nation changed through the local church, is one that I would love and encourage you to support generously and promptly, however you can, especially as we come out of the pandemic and face such need of a church renewed, strengthened and comforted.”

– The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

“As Founders of the debt help charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP), we’ve seen first hand the impact New Wine has had for over 15 years. So many supporters, churches and staff members were first introduced and drawn to be a part of CAP through New Wine. It is impossible to calculate the extent to which it played a pivotal role in CAP’s growth and development. We’ve also received much personal encouragement and have been deeply impacted. We will be personally supporting New Wine at this time and I’d ask everyone who has been blessed by the movement to do what you can to help.”

– John and Lizzie Kirkby


“Christians Against Poverty and New Wine go way back. From exhibitions and conferences to a mutual desire to see the good news of the gospel proclaimed far and wide, we’ve shared a profound and special journey. In regularly gathering together thousands of passionate Christians, New Wine has given us the opportunity to talk to many more people and invite them to join our mission to see transformed lives, thriving churches and an end to UK poverty. As a result, hundreds of people have become debt free and escaped from the grip of poverty, many of whom are now on their own journey with Jesus. It is an invaluable movement, especially at a time when our society is under extreme strain. The gospel brings urgently needed hope and that’s why we support New Wine wholeheartedly.”

– Paula Stringer, Chief Executive, Christians Against Poverty


“There are so many ways in which New Wine has been transformational for the UK church. The readiness of New Wine churches to find a practical outworking of their passion for God has enabled a huge increase in churches partnering with TLG. As a direct result of the ministry of New Wine, TLG can see a huge increase in missional impact and lasting change for struggling children all across the UK.”

– Tim Morfin, Chief Executive, TLG (Transforming Lives for Good)


“I write as an individual who has benefited enormously from the ministry of New Wine over many years, and also as the CEO of World Vision. I believe the New Wine vision of ‘Local churches, changing nations’ is a movement of God and the countless blessings which have come to individuals like me, to churches, and to communities throughout our land – and indeed the whole world – over the last few decades is ample demonstration of this. But this work is by no means finished; indeed following the pandemic, with the economic challenges we are facing now and an ever-growing list of global humanitarian crises, the role of revitalised local churches in changing nations is probably more needed than ever. That’s certainly how we see it at World Vision and why we value our friendship with New Wine so highly! So I commend the ministry of New Wine to your prayers that the Spirit of God might move his church to invest generously in enabling New Wine to continue its role in building the Kingdom.”

– Mark Sheard, Chief Executive, World Vision UK


“New Wine has played a huge role in equipping, serving and resourcing the Church in this nation. It has impacted 1000s of lives and transformed the ministry of local churches throughout the land. For me personally, it provided so many of my early opportunities in leadership and gave me experiences that have shaped me profoundly as a leader. I thank the Lord for the ministry of New Wine and encourage everyone to support it if you possibly can.”

Gav Calver, CEO, Evangelical Alliance


Our offerings at United mark the launch of a campaign asking for people to invest into our vision of seeing local churches release Spirit-filled disciples to bring our nation back to Jesus – one life at a time. We’d be so grateful if you could give an extraordinary gift so that we can continue our extraordinary mission. Please give generously at