Firm foundations – September Prayer Diary

‘On Christ the solid rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand.’

These hymn words are almost two hundred years old, although they’ve been re-appropriated by several modern worship songs, but the sentiment dates back two thousand years.

Jesus warned us not to build our lives on anything other than his teaching. Paul calls Jesus our foundation; Peter calls him our cornerstone. Everything depends on where we build and Jesus has proved himself faithful through the ages.

We are in a time of great change and challenge.

We have a new King and a new Prime Minister, and new seasons often bring a sense of uncertainty about the future.

People are worried about the cost of living and the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Looking at the wider world, there are plenty of reasons for concern on the international stage.

Many people have been surprised at how the death of Queen Elizabeth has moved them emotionally – which is not just a tribute to her remarkable service and the affection in which she was held, but perhaps also the losses of the past years coming home to people, as another symbol of stability is swept away.

In a nation learning to live with uncertainty, hope comes from those who have a firm foundation in God’s love. The Church has a vital role to play by proclaiming God’s faithfulness to us in Christ and demonstrating how to live lives that are unshaken, confident, and flourishing in every circumstance.

Let’s pray that Jesus would be the foundation of our lives once more, starting with our us, our churches, and, as we reach out in love, our communities and nation.

Pray for the nation at this time of change and challenge.

Pray for the Church to be bold in proclaiming Jesus.

Pray for New Wine as we restructure and as we seek God’s leading for 2023 and beyond.


Thank you for joining us in prayer.

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